Becoming your own boss is something you really want to ponder about but the question in process is , can you pay the prize of becoming your own boss? Before you start anything in life Firstly ask yourself :

  • What do I need to do?
  • How can I get there ?
  • How can I make it to the top ?
  • And who should I discuss with?

Now here are some pondering insight  sometimes you really need to think about as someone who wants to succeed in any aspect of life.

Now let briefly  talk about some important principle of a success man or a person who wants to succeed  in life.


This is a question that needs to be explained for the understanding of someone who needs explanations. Now What do I need to do to become the boss of my self , becoming the boss of yourself can be done in a differs ways first. You need to know yourself, if you don’t know yourself you can’t grow yourself, in order to be the boss of yourself , you need to stop working under someone that is to say stop looking a job.  Looking for a Job is good at least it helps in life but you must not focus your life in it because if you focus your life in searching of job, you will end up in poverty. Why did I say so. Now lets say for an instant is your boss is making the profit of $1000,000.000 in a month , then how much do you as an employee make in a year. You can never amount to anything , you can never be greater than your boss , you can never be successful in life while because you are under your boss . According to the law of entrepreneur , if your boss is making 1 million dollars in a month he have to pay his/or her workers at least 1 percent of his income, then what are you still waiting for go and become your own boss.


Getting started is the Secret of getting ahead you can’t just sit and expect to get there it doesn’t work that way , you have to make a move make a step, a productive life is not an accident a person who is not growing is not worthy to exist you have to make a move opportunity are every where only those who make a step reach their success land  the ability to discover your assignment on earth is what that takes you to the top. Quit your job, but before you quit your job be very sure that your are ready to make a change, a mighty change of heart, have the passion to take your stand . Make a plan , draw a plan of your life , how you wants it to be , and then go to work I promise you that when you do so , you have stand the chance of being a successful man.


The top is full of willing men , men who take risks, risk takers are history makers  you get to the top by wishing and hoping, because success doesn’t come by wishing and hoping but by smart work, hard work, and enthusiasms this is the key to success. Act on the impression you have or that came your mind if you don’t am sorry it’s gone forever. Impression without expression will definitely lead to depression. The top again, is full of setback, road blocks , discouragement, puzzles and many other things that will get you discourage. You will be criticized when climbing your success ladder. But when you have a burning desire you can make it to the top, A burning desire is just like a fuel, without a it a car cannot move, so your burning desire will elevate you to the top weather you like it or not but remember anything  worth having has a prize tag Are you willing to pay the prize ? mouth doesn’t cook rice it is work that makes the impossible becomes possible. Have the force to work. Below are the principles that can take you to the Top they are :

  • Burning desire
  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Massive action
  • Passion
  • Teachable
  • Positive
  • Perseverance
  • Willingness

All these thing can help you get to the top but remember you need to acknowledge the fact that there are people who know more than you if you can mingle and associate with them they can easily takes you to the Top.


You smell like people you hang around with, Yes that is the Fact, if you find yourself hanging around with a smoker then you will someday do likewise , if you stay with a successful man one day will become successful only if you are doing what he is doing. Stay away from negative people if you don’t they will bury your dreams and steal your passion for from you. Negative have power it can ruin your destiny, it can make you frustrated . have a big dream God if big things to big thinkers and place small things to small thinkers. Stay away from negative people they are dream sealers , destiny changers . if you are positive mingle with positive people and certainly you are getting to the top success will be yours and you will end up with a smile and with flying colors .

Becoming the boss of yourself is the best because you will have freedom to go to anywhere around the world  with your family and friends, but as an employee you have no freedom in life because you live by the grace of your boss he decide what you will wear and and when you will eat the question now is , what is the different between you and a slaves .

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