Most Nigerians have great talents but lack of opportunity has cripple many, and some are still in search of an opportunity and there is nothing more riskier than a missed opportunity.becoming a star is a good thing  that almost 95% of people living around the world wants to be a star… but the question is can they pay the prize this is were the problem comes, there is nothing you wants in life which is good that does not have a prize tag. For you to see yourself at the top you must be ready to consecrate your time and ability. Many of the Nollywood star pass through a lot to see themselves striving to get to the top so as you, you can also strive to be there.

Here are the ways / guideline on how to become an actor or actress in Nollywood. but please don’t be fooled by scammers pretending to be an online agents many has lose their money ladies raped life destroyed in the process of searching of the Right source. in our page we are going to try and take you through to the road of your movie career.
Nigerian movie industry is becoming one of the largest Movie industry  in Africa . but before we continued we will want to emphasize about the danger associated . as you are going about looking for phone number of actress and actors in order to connect you to Nollywood movie industry.scammers are every where and are aware of it and are capitalizing on this to give out fake numbers on various websites through which they defraud, our advise is that if you are really passionate about your talent please google the industry address and trace it rather than calling people one after the other you may rape or lure ladies into inhuman sexual activities. don’t trust any one even the once pretending to be so nice to you.
many of our boys and girls has desperately are now ready to show case their naked bodies as far the see their selves in the top.
Nevertheless if you really want to get your quest in a straight forwards way to become a Nollywood actress or actor then follow us through this page. sometimes it is people that makes so difficult for others but becoming Nollywood actress or actor is not hard another ways you can become an actor / actress if you for you to leave your comfort zone you can’t become you want by staying with your parents you will be disturb, it will be very difficult for you to make it through. I have a good close tight friend who made it to the industry and was rolled into a movie without must stress. Now how did he do it , he left his state without any idea where he is going but he has this passion and a burning desire to get there he left his comfort zone to struggle to make it. According to him he left his state to lagos were the industry is located and he hanged around and as went there he was helping the security man with some work , he was not ashamed of what he was doing . according to him one of the popular artist saw him while helping the security to open the gate asked who employed you, he answered I employed myself I want to be an actor like you that is why I have to leave the eastern part of Nigeria down here to pursue my career , to his greatest surprise he was invited to play a role he did it perfectly more than most popular actors and he was signed in with 20.000 Naira as a start, Now the question is if he was still with the parents in the east will he be enrolled NO it’s not possible success comes to those who thinks about success and strive for it. before we continue lets go into the profit you gain if you made it to the top and you are enrolled into the movie industry.

TALENT: The ability to discover your assignment on earth is what that takes you to the top, a productive life is not an accident and a person who is not growing is not qualify to exist..Talent is your weapon because even if you manage to gain entry through sex, are you going to continue giving sex in order to show your talent as well? So, you got to be talented first if you want to get in and get further. sometimes to win a battle you must fight it more than once. Always practice in every angles of life carefully master what you know best and be the best in it, don’t be dormant wake that giant in you it is there waiting for you try and forget yourself and get to work, practice , practice and practice till you become perfected.

OPPORTUNITY : A lot of celebrities now have the privileged to come together with politicians book an appointment in homes as a celebrity you can be called by any company for an advertisement and the make good money you will be recognized by your state government. president and others…

EARNINGS :  Before you start expecting to earn try to master your role give it anything you have to give so that you can be qualified to be given a role constantly When you become a Nollywood actress or actor the Nigerian Movie industry as a normal Movie star you will start earning at least between N100,000 to N500,000 per role, as a super star in the industry you start earning between N1 million to N5 million according to the movie budget. while starting your movie career you earn N100,000 per role as a new and upcoming star and get ten roles in a year. remember don’t run because others are running, but run because you know where you are going in life.

LIFESTYLE: As a super star in Nigerian Movie industry people start knowing you from all angles of life….companies will call you an advert base on your skills and talent, you starts having opportunity to travel all over the world without visa delay going for international interviews living large according to your maturity and wisdom. every body will love to be your friend because you are becoming a star.


Success are not sold on platters of Gold no matter who you are , where you come from, or your tribe you have to make it to the top , but remember the top is full of challenges and roadblocks but don’t forget you can still make believe in God , believe in yourself and believe in others success will be assured.

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