In order for you to build a solid business you must know your “WHY” !! knowing your why means knowing the reason you are there are you there to joke or to entice . The good news is that you are not dead and there is always a time for you to grow your business and take it to the next level


You are either growing or dying your banking account is either growing or dying or your team is either growing or dying remember that you have to have a strong WHY bigger than yourself in order to help your team .


Going for excellent is not an act but a habit you don’t have to sell out for others to move up, go for excellent, you can’t excel by following a group of negativity , to excel means to stand out of the crowd.

God wants you to excel but you will not excel by accidents you have to strive for it, through work, talk. An over night success are not the once you made over the night they are the once that took you days, months, and years to build. While starting up a business you must need to invest your time , passion and ability with these things working together you are sure to make some progress.

SOLID BUSINESS : I have came across many business men who crashed at the long run because they took that it won’t work out not knowing that sometimes progress are not seen with a physical eye but it by perseverance the snail reached the ark. Have a SOLID BUSINESS , many of life failures are people who do not know how close they are to their success before the give up. If you wants your business to stand strong don’t focus on getting easy money take time to invest , build it before you start expecting money those who build a SOLID BUSINESS enjoy lastly .


Are you committed to what you are doing, are you just working from here to there like a workaholic? Now is not a time multiple works and master of none, I want to buy car, I want  to buy lands I wants i wants i wants , but still you haven’t bought any one for the past years now is the time for you to be committed . COMMITMENTS pays off if you really apply it in your business or in your life, Be feast in your purpose when feast in your business progress follows.


Have you ever see an ant in search of food what do you think they are always determine to conquer the are always focus you can’t just expect to get a strong by soft hearts people will take you for granted , you must be determine to make a change , show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure , if you look into the future in an eye of fear is a failure already.

Failure is often the first necessary  towards success and if you don’t know where you are going in life you will lead people to where they are going be determine and see how you can progress.


By perseverance the snail reach the ark starting a business needs to perseverance have the mind to endure setbacks, and discouragement people will discourage you but when you have perseverance you can make , you cant grow until you learn what you don’t know life is full of challenges , have perseverance stay focus and keep on learning.


This is the most important principle you have to learn STAYING FOCUS you have to avoid distraction…distraction can come in many ways especially say No to women they can make your 1 year delay of achievement turn to 10 years delay say No to them most of them are there to cripple you but you must STAYING FOCUS. Don’t dwindle on the past because it can put you in bondage .

STAYING FOCUS by learning all business strategy, if you are not ready to learn, life will leave you behind and life is a journey STAYING FOCUS and keep on learning.


Your ATTITUDE towards life determine life ATTITUDE towards you, don’t look stranded when you are not , don’t be hopeless when there is hope , always feel happy anytime,any moment always stay calm and be ready to act, behavior is very important in business when you train yourself people will love to be like you ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE is the keystone of all successful business.

How to Get The Complete Past Questions and Answers.

PRICE: N2,000  (Two Thousand Naira)

Make a bank deposit or mobile transfer of N2,000 only to the account given below

Bank Name: First Bank
Account Number: 3116249639
Account Name: Nsisong Ene

After making the payment Click Here to send your depositor’s name, the name of the past question you paid for and email address you would love to receive the document with to the admin on WhatsApp or Call/SMS – 09063113533. You can also call the admin on 09063113533 to confirm first before making your payment.

Once your details has been received and your payment has been confirmed by the admin, you will receive the document in your email or WhatsApp within 5 Minutes.

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